Offshore Investment

Offshore investments form a critical component of any successful investor’s portfolio.

South African equities make up 1% of global market capitalisation, and investors who aren’t globally diversified are missing out on a large investment universe.

Private portfolio management for high net worth South Africans

MyGlobalCFO offers high net worth South Africans the ability to unlock global opportunities through our actively managed international investment portfolio.

Open to investors looking to place capital of USD 200,000 and above.

Your portfolio manager will build and actively manage your global investment portfolio on our highly rated Swiss Platform – allowing direct ownership of listed securities on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock exchange and SIX (Swiss Exchange).

Contact us directly for more information – including performance, investment strategy, and fund fact sheet.

Investment opportunities for Australian migrants

  • Skilled visa applicants

Establish an asset base in Australia prior to moving.

Our investment team will assist you in setting up an Australian managed fund investment to suit your objectives (e.g. saving for a house deposit, child’s education, or for your retirement).

The minimum investment amount is AUD 20,000.

  • Parent visa applicants

We specialise in assisting parent visa applicants with the transfer of their asset base to Australia.

We’ll help you maximise the return on your capital (e.g. property proceeds, retirement withdrawals) in South Africa ahead of moving, facilitate the payment of your visa charges, manage the forex transfer and exchange control aspects, and can set up investments in Australia based on your objectives and risk profile.

  • Investor visa applicants

MyGlobalCFO is in a unique position which allows us to manage the complex exchange control requirements that are involved in an investor visa application.

We are registered to assist in the placement of designated investments falling under the Significant Investor Visa Program (min investment AUD 5m), and assist applicants with Investor Visa Stream (min investment AUD 1.5m) investments.

Our clients trust us to ensure their large capital flows take place efficiently, and that they (1) maximise their return on investment while (2) meeting the investor visa criteria.